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Minerva's Kaleidoscope

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"Man, the molecule of society, is the subject of social science."

Henry Charles Carey

What We Do

Minerva’s Kaleidoscope is a youth-led nonprofit online journal that publishes quality social science research and essays by high school students in China. We welcome dedicated social science students across the nation to contribute to our publication and in building our community through submitting written academic work or engaging in the editing and site operating process.

About us

This little site is the brain child of a discussion between a group of high school social science lovers. In school,   we have plenty of writings for school and for hobby, but there isn’t  a common place for us to share our ideas and creativity. We , as creators of this site, sincerely hope that this site would provide a unique platform for you, whether you are a history fan, geography enthusiast or an economist-to-be, to express your own thoughts and publish your writings. Hopefully this site would bring together a tight-knit community of social science scholars, each inspiring each other. Hereby we name this site  Minerva’s Kaleidoscope: Minerva, the Roman counterpart of Athena, is  described by poet Ovid as the “Goddess of a thousand works.” To us, she represents unbounded wisdom across different social science disciplines; Kaleidoscope, the toy using lights and mirrors to interweave colorful patterns, symbolizes our wish that this site would bring about an interplay of ideas from different perspectives, sparkling together.


Share your thoughts, comments, suggestions with us :)

Thanks for submitting!

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